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Indigo Mouse Pad

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Indigo Mouse Pad

From the artist ~ "Indigo is one of my more tradition art pieces. It tends to have its meaning chosen by the individual that picks up the artwork.  With no obvious indicators of 'which way is up', people tend to feel it's meaning based on which orientation they pick. Are you going with the flow or fighting against the current?  Perhaps you feel a sense of relief as your head breaks the surface as you reach for the stars, or are you plummeting head first into a sea of despair.  Only the observer can know...  "

Our full color mouse pads are a perfect gift for those computer savvy people on your list! These 1/4" thick mouse pads measure approximately 9" x 7.75", are cloth covered, and work with both traditional and optical mice.

Price:Was $7.95 Sale! $3.95

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