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Story Time Daily Mouse Pad

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Story Time Daily Mouse Pad

Storytime Daily, by Jen Lee, shows an elf maiden in the midst of telling a tale to some woodland children. 

From the artist ~ "'Storytime Daily' was fun and frustrating for me to complete.  The original sketch was done back in the summer of 2007 while I was sitting in my booth at the Silverleaf Renaissance Faire in Battle Creek, Michigan.  My booth was set up near a bardic story teller and I was privledged enough to be able to listen to him tell his tales all day long.  This piece was inspired by him."

Our full color mouse pads are a perfect gift for those computer savvy people on your list! These 1/4" thick mouse pads measure approximately 9" x 7.75", are cloth covered, and work with both traditional and optical mice.


Price:Was $7.95 Sale! $3.95

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