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Macabre Original Acrylic Painting

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Macabre Original Acrylic Painting

Macabre, by Jen Lee, shows the Violet Lady dancing to a skeleton's tune under a Halloween full moon.

From the artist ~ "Macabre is one of my favorite pieces in that it's not really complex.  It is one of many pieces inspired by my favorite classical piece 'Danse Macabre' by Saint Saens.  The song essentially tells the story of how the 'devil' grants the dead passage into our world on one night a year - which is All Hallows Eve or Halloween. Once risen from the grave, they have until dawn at which time they must return to the earth"

This original acrylic painting was painted on a canvas panel,  measures 11" x 14" and is hand signed.  It has been lightly sprayed with a clear matte acid-free varnish to help keep it clean and protect it from damage.  This piece also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

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