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Midnight Jazz Band Original Acrylic Painting

Midnight Jazz Band Original Acrylic Painting-dead, afterlife, spirit world, death, original, art, painting, acrylic, OOAK, canvas, stretched, gothic
Midnight Jazz Band Original Acrylic Painting

Midnight Jazz Band, by Jen Lee, continues her music and the dead theme that started with Macabre. 

From the artist ~ "Midnight Jazz Band... ahh, what can I say?  Back in 2005/2006, I was working on a series of 'Inspirationals' that included the Dream and Love pieces I have featured on my website. As I went on and tried creating pieces for other concepts that inspired people, I really started to think about the 'negative' things that inspired - which included the dead, afterlife, spirit world and death itself.  Macabre and Midnight Jazz Band were the two pieces that came from that time.  Each depicts the Violet Lady.  I'm not sure who she is at this time, but I feel how an author must feel when he's telling a character's story.  That the author is just the 'vessel' that transcribes the story while the character seems to have a life of their own.  I know she's not done telling her story through my art.  I know that she uses music to symbolize and celebrate her life while she walks among the dead. I'm looking forward to her helping me show the next chapter of her story. Visually and psychologically, she's beginning to be a very interesting character."

This original acrylic painting was painted on a stretched canvas,  measures 16" x 20" and is hand signed.  It has been lightly sprayed with a clear matte acid-free varnish to help keep it clean and protect it from damage.  This piece also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Price:Was $79.95 Sale! $63.96

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